How To Embed Your Online Survey On Your Site

How To Embed Your Online Survey On Your Site

You have created a beautiful survey, and all that's left now is just for people to start answering it. You could send it out using our email service or share it on social media, but you could also embed it onto your site..
Here's how.

  • Let's start by signing in to your account.
  • Then, once you're logged in and on your Dashboard, click on Share behind the survey you want to send out.
  • Now we have arrived at the first tab of the menu on the left, which happens to be the one that we need to be on. It's called Place on your site.

  • How To Embed Your Online Survey on Social Media: Settings Navigation

  • On that page you will see two easy steps you'll have to follow to start embedding onto your site.

    1. In the first step you can choose the placement of your embedding and also the color. You can easily see what it's going to look like with the Example you see in that step.
    2. The second step is to copy the piece of code we have generated for you. After having copied it, just paste it into your body tags of the page you want it to be on, and all will be good.

    How To Embed Your Online Survey on Social Media: Steps Overview

And that's it! You know have your survey embedded on your site. And as an added bonus, if you go to Reporting from your Dashboard, and scroll down, at the bottom left you will see an overview of where your survey takers came from. This way, you'll know exactly how many actually used your embedding and how many came to your survey via other ways (if any, of course).

Ready to start sharing your own surveys now? Sign up for free to create your own beautiful survey in the simplest way possible, and start sharing!

Photo credit: Noam Chen (thanks, Noam)

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Kent Wilson
Mar 04, 2014
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