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What is Net Promoter Score and how do I use it?

So, you’ve heard a little about this Net Promoter Score thing right? Basically, NPS is a metric used to gauge how many of your clients/customers/fans love you and will “promote” or ...


The Bootstrap Cookbook

So you’ve got a great idea, and want to get started! So did we, and both having previous experience in development and product management, knew that we could an exceptional product, whilst being...


We’ve Gone Responsive :D

We excited to announce we’ve gone completely responsive on our management interface! Ok, so what does responsive mean? It means that our management interface is now tailored to work spectacular...


Survey Sharing Just Got Social

We having quite a week here at Super Simple Survey Head Quarters working on a whole range of awesome new features, and are excited to announce our new social sharing feature! So, let’s say you...