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How To Use Infographics To Represent Survey Data

The Internet is a vast resource of all kinds of information and in its current form graphics are your best bet if you want to raise your chances of people noticing you.


10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Crafting Online Surveys

Crafting an high quality online survey is more complex than it initially may look. The following are some of the common mistakes survey creators make, and ones you best avoid.


7 Tips To Minimize Response Bias

Survey bias is maybe something that can’t entirely be avoided. There are, however, ways to minimise bias in your surveys to get more accurate and more complete data. We’ll go over 7 ways to do so.


New Design, New Features

We decided to completely redesign our survey creator, adding in a bunch of awesome new features and a brand spanking new look. We will be rolling it out for you today.


How To Embed Your Online Survey On Your Site

You have created a beautiful survey, and all that's left now is just for people to start answering it. You could send it out using our email service or share it on social media, but you could also emb...