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Online Survey Questions: Things To Watch Out For When Creating Your First Online Survey

Considering how often people misunderstand each other already face-to-face, the troubles online are no real surprise. But you can get yourself a head start by checking out the following points.


How To Set Rules On Your Surveys: If This, Then That

Setting rules is a way of making something happen based on the answer of a specific question. They do this by following the if this, then that principle.


How To Improve Response Rates

The one thing you can bet on about any online survey is that some people on the list will not fill out the questionnaire. It’s just one of the hazards of the business. So how can you minimize this?


How To Minimize Sampling Errors In Online Surveys

Anticipating and navigating around these common mistakes sections is what makes the difference between a good survey and a not-so-good one.


5 Tips To Improve Your Email Deliverability

Email is the primary channel for sending out surveys. So how do you minimise chances of your emails being thrown into oblivion and getting lost in the dark, unexplored corners of the worldwide web?